The Most Common Concerns That Appear In Car Accidents

Having been affected by a car accident injury can be life changing. Such injuries range from mild to death. In many cases any injury can become uncomfortable and painful. It is really important that you deal with the medical problem that appears as soon and as effectively as possible. If a third party was involved and you are injured, you will also need the help of an experienced car accident attorney like Winters & Yonkers, P.A. However, the legal aspect should come as secondary. What is very important is getting the medical help that helps you properly recover. Because of this, let’s discuss the most common medical concerns that often appear in the car accidents.

Head Injuries

The head is normally going to be exposed to some sort of damage in a car accident. The damage ranges from the really mild concussion to the unwanted traumatic brain injury. It is important that doctors are contacted in order to determine the full extent of the injury. You can easily seem as if everything is fine but when you are tested there is an underlying medical problem that would require fast treatment.

Remember that even if you do not see bruises or cuts, the brain can be rattled inside the skull when impacts happen. Severe medical issues and lasting effects can appear if there is an injury that is not diagnosed. Although you may feel fine, do be sure that a doctor will take a look at you.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are very common in car accidents because of the sudden stop of the vehicle. When a collision happens the neck is affected since the head is thrown forward while the body stays in place while secured by the seatbelt. Such an injury is known as whiplash. Neck strain can be uncomfortable and although most people end up fully recovering really fast, a lack of treatment would lead to long lasting permanent damage. The big problem is that you may suffer from a whiplash injury without even knowing that this is the case. That is why you have to be checked.

Back Injuries

As 2 vehicles collide, passengers and drivers will be jostled around. Back strain is often seen in such a situation. Common back injuries seen in car accidents include strains, sprains and fractures. Medical help that arrives at the scene of the accident will normally want to restrain the people that are suspected of having back injury. That is because any such injury can lead to paralysis. Also, such back injuries can lead to long term difficulties when not diagnosed in time.

Mental Problems

This part of the car accident is often misunderstood or not taken into account. A car accident injury can lead to mental trauma. Passengers and drivers normally end up in shock, especially when the accident is a serious one. Dealing with the mental trauma of the car accident can incur extra expenses since it may even be necessary to go to a psychologist.

Tips on reducing fuel consumption

There are plenty of motorists today, as the car has long become a means of necessity rather than a luxury item. Considering that fact that during the last time the prices have been going up, including prices on fuel, the car maintenance is also painfully noticeable, because you have to pay for the insurance, and even for the daily “feeding” of your car with fuel, which you cannot do without. However, you may not be quite pleased when at the end of the month you want to sum up your expenses and you see that the amount of money you are spending on your car is increasing. This is when you have a desire to put the car in the garage and forget about it for the time being. But how can you do without your favorite BMW 5 or some other car that you have got?
As an option, drivers start to think about economizing. For example, many start to look for more profitable service stations with low-cost services, even if these service stations are located in another area of the city. Many people prefer to buy spare parts for their cars through the Internet, which also allows you to save. Most people also wander how they could save some money on fuel and whether it would be possible.

Of course, experienced drivers know that only serviceable cars can consume an adequate amount of fuel, so they try to keep all parts of the car in perfect working condition. However, every driver has his secret, which allows to save on fuel.

To begin with, you should analyze your driving style. As a rule, an aggressive driving, a sudden braking, a sharp pressing on the accelerator pedal, sharp turns, high speed – these are the things that lead to the fact that your car starts to feel hungry and consume more than needed.

If you are into various devices, new products in the form of additional equipment then be prepared for the fact that fuel consumption will be greater, because gasoline is taken for electricity generation.

You can save some gas by unloading the luggage compartment because, in fact, the heavier the car is, the more fuel you need to spend to pull off. You should also be aware of the fact that if you like to have as many horses as possible under the hood, you are unlikely to succeed in reducing fuel consumption.

If you are a lover of great speed, then you should try not to open the windows while driving fast. This way you could save 0.2 to 0.5 liters of petrol.

Screw the fuel cap properly, which will prevent the gasoline from evaporating into the atmosphere. Try to park your car in the shade, so that the gasoline does not evaporate either.

So these are our tips on how to reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, we would like to add that if your car is kind of old and there is nothing you can do to prevent it from consuming too much fuel, you could visit this category to select Jeep Cherokee or Audi Q3 and replace your current vehicle with a new one.

Things to remember when buying a used van

b1Whatever kind of vehicle it is you’re purchasing, there are many more things you need to concern yourself with when purchasing a used one as opposed to a new one.

If you’re still preparing your checklist of things to look out for, ask about, and consider when looking at used vans for sale, here’s some of the most important things you can add to your checklist;

  • Looking rusty?-if there is any rust present on the body (try checking the wingmirrors, sills, below bumpers, under the wheel arches, around door frame, corner of ..), press on it gently. If you can hear a cracking sound when you do so, it’s an indication that there is corrosion below the rust. It’s often little things like this which can be a sign of much bigger underlying faults – a quick internet search will help you determine many more.
  • Test drive, test drive, test drive – it’s extremely unwise to purchase a van without taking it for a test drive first. Although the exterior of the van may look unscathed, and although everything may appear to be functioning ok, how the van will fare you truly does lie in the driving experience. If the dealer/owner won’t let you test drive the van, look elsewhere – it’s an indicator that something isn’t right.
  • Ask away- prepare a set of questions you’d like to ask the seller/dealer before you get buying – they could be anything from questions regarding the service history, to what’s included in the price, to if you can inspect the van – anything at all that’ll settle your mind. If the person selling you the van dodges questions or doesn’t give you the answers you need, look elsewhere – it may be an indication that they’re trying to hide a serious fault with the car.

Remember – always take your time when purchasing a used van, and never feel pressured or rushed into buying anything that you aren’t 100% happy with. Happy van shopping!

Little-Known Facts About Servicing Your Car

Servicing  CarAlthough many drivers are familiar with the more standard requirements to servicing their car such as oil changes, tire rotations, and washings, there are some maintenance items that often go overlooked. Two of the most commonly neglected maintenance items that go without regular replacement are both related to air and filtration: the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. Although these items are often neglected, they can have huge benefits to the car and its occupants when serviced correctly.

Engine Air Filter

Much like a living creature, your car’s engine performs at its peak when it’s breathing clean and fresh air. The job of the engine air filter is to provide the clean air needed for your car to burn its fuel most efficiently, and therefore get you the most for your money at the pump. Although these short term improvements to fuel economy can easily be seen in your wallet, there are added long term benefits as well. A correctly maintained air filter will also prevent your engine from breathing in contaminants in the air that cause excessive wear on the engine’s components over time. To put it simply: a good air filter might be the difference between your car running for 150,000 miles or 300,000 miles.

Cabin Air Filter

Although it is not as critical to the car’s performance, the cabin air filter is also very important for the car’s driver and occupants. Most cars built since the 1990’s have come with a cabin air filter. This filter’s job is similar to the engine air filters, with a few added benefits. Not only does the cabin air filter remove particulates such as dust and dirt from the air being brought in to the car, but it also can help to remove allergens. Over time, an old cabin air filter can begin to harbor moisture. This moisture can at a minimum cause bad odor to form in the car, and at the worst can actually harbor organisms such as mold.

The average engine air filter service interval is around 30,000 miles, but varies by make and model. For the cabin air filter, most mechanics recommend 12,000-15,000 miles, or about once a year for most drivers. It is always best to consult your owner’s manual for a manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule.

On a vehicle such as a 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, the cabin air filter can be accessed on the passenger side of the dashboard, behind the glove box.

These two items are some that even the most careful of car owners can neglect to replace, but they are also some of the most important. Luckily, they are also very easy to replace on most cars, and require only a few minutes.